Make a Good Choice

Through original songs, stories and audience interaction, this Parents Choice Award winner takes his audience on an exciting journey back through his childhood sharing the daily joys, dreams and blunders that today’s kids can relate to, laugh at, and understand. Children will get the chance to decide what kinds of choices they would make if they were in Lou’s shoes and how those choices reflect on their own lives. The entire assembly is strung together with a cool rap tune that tells students to “Make a Good Choice!”… and what’s more, this unique program can touch upon any Character Ed themes that your school or community want to stress and will work them in to the program! Connects perfectly with Kelso’s Choices and Fill a Bucket.

Lou can do a ZOOM style performance or provide a fully produced pre-recorded show. The show can be viewed in it’s entirety or broken up into short snippets for more flexible viewing! Click below to watch a preview:


*Respect*  Honesty*  *Kindness*  Tolerance*  *Responsibility*  *Bullying*  *Peer Pressure*  *Perseverance*  *Cooperation* and more!

A 45 minute assembly. Two shows for grades k-2 and 3-6. Study guides available. 

Great For:
• Character Ed Programs
• Anti Bullying Campaigns
• Start of the Year Kick Off
Red Ribbon Week