Celebrate America!

Through the use of storytelling, theater and music, Lou Del Bianco will bring to life some of American folklore’s most colorful legends:

Paul Bunyan: America’s favorite lumberjack will tell his best “Tall Tales” and at the same time expose children to the geography of the U.S.

Davy Crockett: Better known as the “King of the wild Frontier”, Davy will tell how he befriends a raccoon and hugs a bear into strawberry preserves!

Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind: Davy Crockett tells about Sally, the gal he is head over heels in love with! Sally could tote a steamboat on her back, outscream a panther, and wear a hornet’s nest for her Sunday bonnet!

Glooscabi and the Game Animals: This light hearted Native American legend is about an arrogant warrior and his Grandmother Woodchuck who teaches Glooscabi that “The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.”

One program available for preschool to grade 3. Study Guide Available.

“Celebrate America” is an entertainingly patriotic program about the folktales, legends and folksongs that have contributed to the cultural fabric of this great country we love!

Also woven throughout the assembly are some this countries most beloved folksongs:

This Land is Your Land
I’ve Been Workin on the Railroad
Oh, Susannah!
Wake, Snake
Skip to my Lou

Great For:
• Flad Day/Patriotic Celebrations
• Turn off the Television Week
• Tall Tale Celebrations