Ancient Myths & Fairytales

Actor, singer, and storyteller, Lou Del Bianco takes his audience on a journey as he acts out some of the oldest stories ever told:

Gilgamesh (Ancient Sumeria): Touted as the world’s oldest recorded story, this 5,000 year old myth follows the adventures of Gilgamesh, a likable hero whose “character flaws” have many lessons to teach a young audience!

The Lion’s Whiskers (Ethiopia): A very touching tale about love and patience.

Vasalisa The Wise (Russia): Known as the “Grandmother of all fairytales”. Students will be able to pick out characters and situations they have heard in many of the traditional stories they grew up with! Not many know that it started 2500 years ago with a brave girl named Vasalisa, who stands up to the witch Baba Yaga, and overcomes the evil of her stepmother and stepsisters!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Greece): This timeless fable is bought to life with music and dance!

Appropriate for grades 4-8. VIRTUAL PROGAM AVAILABLE.

Great For:
• ELA Curriculum
• Social Studies Curriculum
• Folklore Curriculum
• Multi-Cultural Celebrations